Japan to help Vietnam qualify catches for sale at world’s largest fish market

Tuoi Tre News
16 January 2015

A Japanese fish association wants to transfer processing techniques to Vietnamese fishermen so that their catches can be qualified to be sold at a renowned fish market in Tokyo, an association official said Thursday.

Vietnam is among the countries which Tsukiji, the largest wholesale fish market in Tokyo, aims to reach during its global expansion, Tsunenori Ida, chairman of the market’s wholesale association, said at an event to introduce the market’s products in Ho Chi Minh City.

The expansion program seeks to introduce Tsukiji high-class seafood products around the world, Ida said.

In the longer term, Japanese fish traders also intend to sell fish caught in Vietnam and processed under Japanese technology at the Tsukiji market, alongside the domestic catches, Ida added.

To this end, the association is likely to bring young Vietnamese laborers to Tsukiji, where they can learn fish processing, according to the Japanese official.

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