Measures Needed To Make Mekong Delta Adaptive To Climate Change

Vietnam Plus

It is essential to promote sustainable development of the Mekong Delta in the direction of effectively adapting to climate change, given the region’s strategic position in national socio-economic development and security defence, experts have said.

Covering a total area of 3.94 million hectares across 13 provinces and city, the region is Vietnam’s largest agricultural production centre and holds an important role for the nation’s economy.

However, the region is facing a lot of big challenges, including climate change which is getting more and more unpredictably. If no appropriate measures are taken, the sea level rise will submerge about 40 percent of the delta’s area by 2100, affecting the livelihoods of 55 percent of its population and food security of not only the country but also the whole world.

Prof Dao Xuan Hoc, President of the Vietnam Irrigation Association, said that one of the main reasons for erosions and negative changes along rivers and coastlines in the region is the lack of alluvium.

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