MRC takes note of challenges facing Mekong basin

Khmer Times –

The Mekong River Commission has urged member countries and stakeholders to urgently step up measures to better manage the Mekong river to protect remaining wetlands and riverine habitats.

Mr Hatda said other challenges include a growing pressure on Capture Fisheries, which refers to all kinds of harvesting of naturally occurring living resources in both marine and freshwater environments, and limited information sharing on current water development facilities and water use.

“We need to address these issues now in order to minimise further environmental harm and protect remaining wetlands and riverine habitats before they are gone, while leveraging the benefits of more secure and increased dry season flows and achieving a more optimal and sustainable development of the Mekong basin,” he noted.

According to the 226-page long report, there is also an increased cooperation among riparian countries to tackle these challenges, especially under the MRC framework where financial contribution from members to fund MRC critical work, notifications and information sharing and the number of joint projects have  all increased.

“While challenges are increasing for the Mekong river, the overall economic conditions in the basin are positive with solid economic growth, poverty reduction and productivity improvement,” it said.

An Pich Hatda, chief executive officer of the MRC secretariat, said in the MRC State of the Basin Report 2018 released on Tuesday that river management is still facing many challenges.

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