Museum of natural history sought for Mekong Delta

The Saigon Times
19 June 2015

Representatives of Can Tho University have proposed building Mekong Delta Museum of Natural History in Can Tho City since the city is the center of the delta.

Associate Professor Dr. Ha Thanh Toan, the president of the university, said: “Can Tho University wants to build the museum as Can Tho City is the center of the Mekong Delta.”

Dr. Duong Van Ni, deputy head of the museum project board, said the Mekong River basin is undergoing a lot of negative changes because intensive farming, expansion of agricultural land, industrial and residential area development, forest exploitation, and damming. They have caused serious impact on natural ecosystems and endangered a lot of species of the region.

“Therefore, it is urgent and necessary to build a museum of natural history for the Mekong River basin,” he said.

The museum would comprise four main areas, with three areas for storing data, specimens, and books, documents, movies, web pages, and one for display.

Among them, data, specimens, and related documents are for academic purposes while the display area is for public education and even for tourism.

“Can Tho University now needs support in terms of land and investment to build the display area for the museum. Help from the authorities and enterprises would be needed,” Ni said.

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