New marine research at your fingertips

The Jakarta Post
14 October, 2013

Conservation International (CI) announced last Friday, Oct. 10, the release of a new app, “Reef Fishes Of The East Indies”, a digital guide to every known reef fish species in the most biodiverse region on the planet, based on the book of the same name.

Co-author, Mark Erdmann, CI’s senior advisor to the Indonesian Marine Program said, “Sharing this knowledge brings greater value to the biodiversity present here and we hope this will increase motivation and momentum for its conservation to ensure that these species and their delicate ecosystems remain in balance.”

“Maintaining this natural capital is key to the region’s important tourist industry, and other ecosystem services the ocean provides the people.”

The comprehensive information contained in the guide includes over 2,500 reef fish, of which 25 species are new to science. It summarizes 60 years of research and exploration and brings greater understanding and valuation of the immense biodiversity of reef fish in the East Indies.

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