River blanketed with water hyacinths, blocking passage of boats

VietNamNet Bridge
20 July 2014

About five million square meters of surface area on Vam Co River is covered with water hyacinths, an indicator of serious environmental pollution.

Vam Co Dong, one of the two most important rivers in the southern region that plays a very important role in irrigation works and waterways transportation of Tay Ninh Province, has been clogged for many year with water hyacinth.

The real color of the Vam Co River water cannot be seen as the river is blanketed with deep blue water hyacinths.

A middle-aged man seen, who was sitting idly near the Ben Soi Bridge in Thanh Long Commune of Chau Thanh District, complained that he could not use the river for work.

“I have nothing to do now,” he he. “The water hyacinth makes me sad. If it does not go away soon, my family and I are going to starve to death,” Hung, the man, said.

Hung, like many other locals, have been earning their living by carrying farm produce on Vam Co Dong River for goods owners.

“No goods owner hire us these days. And we dare not carry goods in such conditions,” he said, pointing to the thick layer of water hyacinth in front of him.

“It would take twice as much fuel,” he said. “And even with a higher fuel volume, I am not sure if the boat can go through the thick water hyacinth cover”.

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