Sustainable fisheries management required for food security

Vientiane Times
25 July, 2013

Fisheries management in Laos requires more cooperation from concerned sectors and international organisations to ensure food security and income generation, a government official has said.

Laos is hosting the 21st Meeting of the Asean Sectoral Working Group on Fisheries (ASWGFI) for sustainable fisheries development and management in Laos and the greater region.

The meeting will run for three days from July 24-26 in Vientiane with participation from Asean member state delegates, the Asean Secretariat, and regional and international institutions related to fisheries management.

“As we are all aware, fish and aquaculture species are a staple food of our people and its capture provides direct livelihood benefits to hundreds of thousands of families in this region and others around the world,” the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Office Head Mr Khamphanh Meuanhsithida said at the meeting.

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