Vietnam to develop new environment monitoring network

Bernama: 14 January 2016

Vietnamese Prime Minister has approved a master plan – national natural resources and environment monitoring network – for 2016-2025 with a vision through 2030, with a view to building an observing system that meets Southeast Asian standards in the coming years.

Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported that the plan is expected to provide basic information related to land and water resources, sea and islands, hydrometeorology, environmental protection and socio-economic planning, serving State management in these fields. It will support efforts to forecast, prevent and minimise losses caused by disasters and pollution, and respond to climate change.

The network will be based on the integration of various fields such as hydrometeorology, water resources, environment, sea and islands, remote sensing, satellite global positioning and geodynamic monitoring. From 2016-2025, environment and natural resources monitoring stations will be upgraded and modernised while new facilities will be built with priority in areas that are vulnerable to natural calamities.

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