Water level in Mekong River drops significantly

National News Bureau of Thailand
18 April 2014

The water level in the Mekong River is constantly decreasing as drought continues, while 200 families in Maha Sarakham Province are in urgent need of assistance.

The water level in the Mekong River that passes through Chiang Rai Province has seen a significant drop, as rocks and dunes have resurfaced, causing problems to water transportation in the area. Cargo ships were unable to operate as a result, forcing several logistics companies to use small boats instead.

Elsewhere in Myanmar’s Myawaddy District, over 100 workers were seen building an earthen embankment as an attempt to prevent coastal erosion, which normally happens during the rainy season. According to authorities, the erosion could change the flow of water into a different direction, which will effect cultivations in agricultural zones.

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