World Ranger Day: Thailand Tourism celebrates and honors


Over one thousand rangers of Thailand’s national parks gathered in a ceremony today at Khao Yai National Park to mark World Ranger Day. The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) host the annual event attended by senior government agency representatives and the conservation NGOs who work with Thailand’s rangers to protect Thailand’s natural heritage.

Today, there are 28,000 rangers deployed across Thailand’s national parks. They are Thailand’s frontline defense of its parks, protected areas and wildlife. They put themselves at daily risk, working in remote and dangerous wilderness, under threat of armed poachers. Many are killed directly by poachers and traffickers, while others are injured in the dangerous environments in which they work. Since August 2016 there have been 6 ranger fatalities and 11 serious injuries. This year, compensation and service recognition was presented to 13 rangers and their families.

According to Mr.Thanya Netithammakun, this event emphasizes the importance of rangers who work in the frontline of nature conservation. “This event aims to foster public appreciation for the rangers and their work protecting biodiversity and wildernesses. Specifically, World Ranger Day honors the rangers who were injured or lost their lives in the line of duty. This event, also reminds the public about the importance of nature and encourages people to jointly conserve and rehabilitate natural resources.”

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