Young man makes Vietnam’s artificial streams

Viet Nam News

As natural rivers in the countryside have become more and more contaminated with rubbish, a young farmer in Mỹ Hào District of northern Hưng Yên Province has created artificial streams to raise healthy fish.

Vũ Duy Hào left his professional boxing career several years ago and started to help his mother with aquaculture farming. Hào’s mother, Vũ Thị Thắm, is the owner of an aquaculture co-operative which provides aquatic products for the area. One day, she attended a farming conference and heard about man-made streams in the US which yielded up to 37 tonnes of fish per 100 sq.m.

After the conference she got her hands on documents about the model. None of the farmers seemed to be interested in the model except for Thắm. The quality of the fish raised in the streams was said to be very good because fish are isolated from mud.

Meanwhile, fish raised in her calm pond moved very little and their digestive process remained slow, with the fish smelling like mud. The hope of raising uncontaminated fish motivated Thắm to do further research and apply the model to her co-operative. Thắm told the idea to her son Hào studied the documents for a few days and planned a man-made river.

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