Youths to Hold Story-Telling Event on ‘Wonders of the Mekong’


As concerns over the future of the Mekong River continue to grow, dozens of Cambodian youths are coming together to raise public awareness about the environmental threats facing the life-giving river.

The group, called Young Eco Ambassadors, is organizing a full-day event on June 15 attended by government officials, civil society groups, international NGOs, local communities and the public, in which they will call for better protection of the Mekong.

Held at the Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center in Phnom Penh, they said, the event is centered on story-telling and cultural performances to promote greater appreciation for “the wonders of the Mekong.”

One of them, Raksmeythida Oum, said Cambodians need a better understanding of the importance of the river and why it – and the environment in general – should be protected.

“The main problem is that environmental knowledge of Cambodian people is still limited. We are not aware of the effects of environmental problems on our daily living,” she told VOA Khmer, adding that pollution, for example, was still poorly understood by many.

“The Wonders of the Mekong project also tries to raise awareness of plastic, because people often throw plastic waste away into the water and the Mekong River affecting the biodiversity, fish and other natural resources.”

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