Concern in Vietnam for ecosystem damage in Mekong River

Prensa Latina

The reckless exploitation of natural resources have weakened or completely damaged the ecosystems in Mekong delta, in Vietnam, causing serious future consequences, said experts today, after analyzing the situation there.

That conclusion was reached by more than 200 scientists, executives from ministries and the 13 provinces that make up the region, as well as representatives of international organizations on conservation, research institutes and universities.

In a meeting held on last weekend in the southern city Ca Mau, with the subject “Conserving Natural and Cultural Values for Sustainable Development in the Mekong Delta Region”, the importance of conserving the ecosystems within the context of climatic change was especially highlighted.

Those systems have undergone size reductions, so much so that they turned into isolated and fragmentary areas caused by deforestation to promote aquaculture, agriculture, infrastructure building and residential resorts with contaminant effects.

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