The freshest fish from unpolluted oceans


Argentine fishing company San Arawa performs its fishing operations in the Southwestern Atlantic, mostly in water masses of the Malvinas Currents of under their strong influence.

This is the only region in the Southern Hemisphere where certain specific environmental and oceanographic conditions occur, in the southwest of the South Atlantic Ocean, near Cape Horn, at 300-800 metres in depth; this area provides the species inhabiting in with water of exceptional quality, at low temperatures (4-6 C).

The distance from urban and industrial centres and the origin of the waters dominating the composition and dynamics of these bodies of water remove any chance of either organic or inorganic polluting agents.

It is in this large section of the ocean, free from sources of pollution, that hoki, blue whiting, Australis hake, ling, Patagonian cod, grenadier and Patagonian toothfish live.

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