MCR: Lower Mekong Fisheries Facing Challenges Due To Overfishing And Habitat Damage

Khmer Times

Mounting pressure is being placed on fishers in the Lower Mekong Basin as overfishing and climate change affect the population and habitat of their catch.

The Mekong River Commission (MCR) has reported that the fishing plays an important role in the livelihoods of Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos. However, the livelihoods of potentially more than thousands of people are being threatened by the effects of unethical and overfishing, as well as the loss of habitat and climate change. The detrimental forces affecting the population of the population of the fish is linked to the massive population growth in recent years. According to the Commission the ecosystem in the Lower Mekong Basin is influenced by the social status of the region.

In two new study reports released by the MCR titled “Status and Trends of Fish Abundance and Diversity in the Lower Mekong Basin from 2007 to 2018” and “Social Impact Monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment 2018 “found that there are still a large number of families relying on resources from the river to support their way of living.

“Social Impact Monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment 2018 “, 35 percent of households surveyed said their income was 32 percent lower than before.

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