Saltwater intrusion damage successfully prevented this season: Mekong Delta

Vietnam Plus

Provinces in the Mekong Delta have said they have taken effective measures to mitigate saltwater intrusion impacts in the ongoing dry season.

This has helped ensure fresh water for agriculture production and household use in coastal areas.

The delta, which comprises 12 provinces and Can Tho City, is normally affected by saltwater intrusion from the sea during the dry season which lasts from December to April.

To mitigate the impact of saltwater intrusion, local authorities in the delta have proactively implemented saltwater prevention projects and properly operated irrigation works at the beginning of the dry season.

These measures have helped the delta, the country’s largest producer of rice, fruit and seafood, to protect the 2021 – 22 winter-spring rice crop and other crops from the impacts of saltwater intrusion, local authorities said.

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