Siem Reap fishery officials pumping water to save protected fish species

The Phnom Penh Post

Siem Reap provincial Fisheries Administration officials are rehabilitating and pumping water into streams, canals and reservoirs in the Boeung Pearaing breeder conservation area to save fish species.

Chan Tong, deputy head of the provincial Fisheries Administration, told The Post on June 6 that hot weather and low levels of water in the conservation area have caused the death of hundreds of breeder species, which has alarmed people.

“After seeing the dead fish, our team inspected the area and found that in some places the water is only 0.3m to 0.4m deep and only 0.7m to 0.8m at other places. The climate in the area is also very hot which reduces the amount of oxygen in the air and water,” he said.

According to Tong, his team has used a pump to transfer water from two reservoirs at the top of the lake into canals and breeding wells in the conservation area in an attempt to save the animals.

“For two days, we dug a canal below the lake, which is 5m wide and 1.5m deep, 100m long and pumped in water to improve the movement of fish. The number of dead fish has decreased as well,” he said.

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